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Until There's Nothing Left
...to die would be an awfully big adventure
Stripper Dreams  
19th-Apr-2014 09:11 pm
A friend of mine told me about a strip club that has amateur night on Sundays. I asked what the pay out was and he said $ 2000.00. WTF? I'm so all over that! Not to mention the fact that it's great motivation. I can dance. I truly can...but I'm not in shape. SOOOOOO ....guess what? Exactly.

I havent' eaten much today. I forgot to eat anything until 5 P.M. almost 24 hours. I remember when I would post the number of hours it had been since I ate at the very beginning of my journal "breathless_sin" ...before I'd even start the post it would be "9" then a new paragraph then the post. The next day would be "21" then a new paragraph then a post...I got all the way up to "119" before I ate a mushroom...gotta love those little bastards.

I went to work today and stuffed plastic easter eggs with candy and then hid them for the residents. I didn't even eat one. I'm proud of myself for that. Not that is took will power but that I've conditioned my brain so much that it didn't. I didn't even need will power. I didn't even really think about eating one. It never even crossed my mind. Yesterday wasn't so good. I ate lunch and couldn't count the calories because there were so many ingredients. That actually bothers me. I like to keep things simple so I know exactly what I'm taking in. You can't do that unless you keep it simple. One ingredient foods is the only good way to do that.

I'm thinking about quitting my job. I spend 220.00 in gas every two weeks to get there. So I don't make squat anyway. Plus it's a fuck load of work. I want the summer to my self I think.

If I think of anything else to share...I will do another post :)
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